NYTimes (En)

  1. Ukraine says that announcing a planned offensive on the southern front has paid off in the eastern Donbas region, as both sides deploy forces based on guessing each other’s next moves.
  2. The South Korean capital saw some of its heaviest rainfall in decades. Drivers abandoned cars in the upscale Gangnam district as roads became impassable.
  3. The truce appeared to end a three-day conflict in Gaza that barely altered the status quo in Israel and the occupied territories. At least 44 people were killed in Gaza and 311 wounded, according to health officials there.
  4. The Biden administration says the push will bolster African and American interests, including the ability of the United States to compete against China and Russia.
  5. Five years after its launch, the railway has become associated with debt, dysfunction and criminal inquiries, and it is now a lightning rod in Tuesday’s election.